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Does anyone have any suggestions for videos (either full length or shorter films) that would provide a good introduction to/discussion of special needs housing?  The intended audience is graduate-level planning students who are taking an affordable housing course.  Thanks in advance!

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There is a slide and video at www.csi.coop. CSI does zero equity co-ops for low income seniors, using the 202 program.


There is a video at www.ncbcapitalimpact.org click on publications and then housing and the Going Home publication which has a shared equity video on the right. It is probably also on www.cornerstone.org. NCB used to have a 5 minute video on senior co-ops, but I cannot find it anymore


www.seniorcoops.org has print stuff, but worth asking about a video.


This may not be what you are looking for, but here is a video about a specific affordable senior housing with services program that has piloted in one housing community in Vermont and is going to to be exapanded statewide:




Fantastic!  Thank you both for the responses!

You can also check out the film "Imagining Home" about the Hope VI redevelopment of New Columbia public housing in Portland, Oregon.  http://www.newcolumbia.org/residents/imagining-home-film/


It is more about public housing than special needs housing, but it could be a good fit for your course.



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