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I am looking for examples of innovative code enforcement engagement with local CDCs or nonprofits and models or examples of CDCs montioring absentee investors to hold them accountable for how they maintain the properties they purchase.




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The Detroit Vacant Property Campaign has done a lot of work in this area. From the parent organization's website:

The DVPC oversees the Community and Property Preservation (CAPP) mini-grant program. Funded by the Kresge Foundation and launched in 2009, CAPP was designed to provide supplemental financial assistance to community-based organizations that incurred costs due to resident initiated vacant property maintenance and security initiatives.  The success of the CAPP Round I, prompted the implementation of CAPP Rounds II and III.  The program has helped to stabilize Detroit neighborhoods experiencing negative effects from increasing numbers of vacant properties and declining vacant property conditions.  CAPP recipients have articulated that the mini-grant funds have made neighborhood projects feasible to conceive and that the largest obstacle in preventing communities from undertaking these initiatives has been the lack of funding and resources. As a result, CLR is committed to growing and expanding the CAPP program to meet the emerging needs of our clients.



This is very interesting! Thank you so much!




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